Hottest Bump Hairstyles 2013
02.05.2013 15:26

Bump hairstyles are very in and give a very intelligent and chic gaze, when finished correctly. They are combined with numerous other hairstyles, to give a new and unique gaze. You can blend it with a ponytail, hair down method, updo method, braid method, twisted hairmethod, etc. To get these haircuts styles and ideas, use the following tips.

Before we start looking at the diverse bump methods, here are some tips on how to conceive bump hairstyles for long clip in human hair extensions hair or short hair. Comb all your hair precisely, and take a small front section of the hair, and then at some distance, contain that hair section, and twirl it a bit to create one or two rounds. rectify the twirled hair a bit in front of the crest with hair clips. In a similar way, you can conceive a bump hairstyle, by leaving some bangs out, and conceive a bump on the crest. For this you will need to take part near the crest, and rectify it low underneath the crown.

concept #01: Bump updo hairstyles are well liked retro hairstyles which are finding their way in today's latest trend too. To create a loving looking updo method, take the middle front section of the hair and method it into a bump, then create a attractive chignon and take out strands from sides to make softer your look. You can also conceive a sleek looking updo hairstyle, by fashioning it with a blunt Cleopatra bang method. Take out your bangs, then with the back hair part conceive a bump, and secure the back hair into a high bun.

Idea #02: Ponytail hairstyles with bump styles give a very chic method. blend this method with a evade or trouser, a white top a red belt, red lipstick and you will look very chic. Make a bump hairdo and then protected the rest of the hair in a high ponytail and you are good to proceed.

concept #03: Here is another bump ponytail style concept. conceive a bump method near the crest, and take the bangs out. Then method the rest of the hair in low ponytail. You can style the ponytail hair wavy if you like.

Idea #04: Here is an odd braid hairstyle. Create a bump with the front part of hair, and with the rest of the hair conceive a fish bone braid, and place the braid over your shoulder. You can furthermore conceive a simple three stand structure braid, if you don't understand how to conceive a fish skeletal part braid.

Idea #05: For easy bump short hairstyles use these ideas. To conceive simple bump hairstyles for short hair, comb all your hair back, and then place a cable or slim plastic headband beside the crown, and then skid it a bit ahead to create the bump.

Idea #06: Here is a flattering bump twisted hairstyle concept. Take the front section of the hair and distinct it and protected it with a clip. Then style the lace front wigs with baby hair hair curly with a curling metal or wavy with a ocean salt squirt. This step is not essential if you currently have twisted wavy hair. Then comb the front hair part and conceive a bump with it, and secure it with clips.

Make certain you have created a protected bump hairstyle, so that it resides for the time being you are out. To make it extra protected, use more hair pins or clips. You can furthermore squirt a little bit of hairsquirt to make the hair stay put for a longer time span of time.

The best hairstyles for your hair type and length when you decide to go natural.

Natural Curls That Rock Our World
These stunning spiral curls give Jordin Sparks a soft, yet glam vibe.
Slicked Back
Kristy Johnson pulled her natural locks back for a fun, fresh-faced look.


Done Up
Shanola Hampton's twisty braids are given a flirty spin with a quick pinup.
Daring Dreads
Dreadlocks never looked so good! Michelle Williams is rocking this classic style with a high pony and eclectic scarf.


Textured Twists
Rachel Mwanza's tightly coiled braids are artfully styled to the side.


Loced Up
Shanola Hampton's locs are rod-set to create a glorious curl pattern, then pinned back at the top.


Frivolous 'Fro
Solange Knowles sure knows how to work a natural 'fro! We're loving her retro tresses.


Beyond Braids
Rutina Wesley's individual braids go beyond the average length. The deep, rich color adds to the dramatic effect.


Cornrow Queen
Here, Tina Atkins-Campbell's locs are cornrowed on the sides, and pompadoured at the top.
Fierce and Fabulous
Willow Smith always looks too cool for school. Her extra long faux-hawk is edgy, yet youthful.



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